Giveaway Terms & Restrictions

No purchase is necessary. United States residents only. Giveaway sweepstakes are in no way endorsed or sponsored by Apple.  Giveaway content is brought to you by individuals on behalf of Neustar, a TransUnion Company in partnership with Decision Counsel. The giveaway begins at 11:00 am EDT on Nov 1, 2022, and ends at 2:45 pm EDT on Nov 2, 2022.  

Must be registered and logged into the Brave New Worlds site ( win.  View time is tracked automatically through browser cookies.

For every 1 complete hour of viewing, 1 entry will be attributed to the registered user. From the entry pool, a winner will be selected at random.  Individuals who are affiliated with the Brave New Worlds 2022 planning & logistics team, Decision Counsel, or other affiliated groups and agencies are not eligible.

Three (3) winners will be gifted an Apple Watch Series 8. The reward may not be traded for equal cash value.  Shipping and handling will be compensated.  Winners will be contacted via email with the contact information the attendees used to register for the event.  The winner(s) must provide a shipping address to receive the gift.  Winners have the right to refuse, withdraw, or disqualify entries at winner’s sole discretion.