Brave New Worlds 2024: The New Marketing Paradigm for Addressable Marketing

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Main Stage Sessions

Identity 2.0: The Future of Addressability Is Now

The New Marketing Paradigm will usher in a new era of consumer identity data for the ecosystem in terms of how we collect, activate and utilize that data. In this fireside chat, Matt Spiegel, EVP at TransUnion and his colleague, Gareth Davies, SVP of Identity, Insights, Audiences, and Data Collaboration, will discuss how the industry has evolved, where we’re heading, and what steps marketers and their partners can take today to help ensure the future of addressability.

How I Built This Brand: Creating a Marketing Funnel From Scratch

Connecting with consumers to deliver delightful brand experiences is at the core of every identity-based marketing strategy. But how can a challenger brand find and gratify new customers while working to build their proprietary consumer databases? This session features a conversation with industry experts about how they scaled their businesses with greenfield customer acquisition strategies and deeper consumer insights.

Identity 2.0: Using First-Party Data in a Holistic Addressability Plan

Never before has first-party data been so valuable. But solely relying on first-party data isn’t always the best strategy, especially when launching a new product or acquiring consumers who haven’t yet interacted with your brand. In this session, learn how to prioritize first-party data alongside other sources, such as second-and third-party data and contextual signals, to acquire those hard-to-reach consumers.

On-Premise or Cloud Native: Where Should My Data Reside?

As organizations futureproof for this new era of addressability, many marketers are establishing new partnerships with cloud providers. Does on-premise data management have an expiration date? Should all my data live in the cloud? This panel of industry experts will explore the pros and cons of cloud-based data storage and activation, and how you can choose the best location for your marketing data.

Converting Gen Z With Next-Gen Addressable Marketing

An emerging purchasing power is coming of age. Brands want to connect with, court and convert Gen Z consumers, but to do so, they need to rewrite the playbook they’ve successfully used for the Boomers, Gen X consumers and Millennials, and understand this newest generation’s beliefs, behaviors and preferences. In this session, you’ll gain insight into how brands can keep up with Gen Z by serving authentic and meaningful touch points along their consumer journeys.

The New Paradigm of Marketing Measurement

The new paradigm of addressable marketing doesn’t stop at identity and audience building, and marketers are seeking new ways to measure and optimize marketing effectiveness. Join us to learn how a top brand changed the game to bring about a new model of data-driven marketing.

Cross-Platform Measurement: The Holy Grail of Marketing Analytics

Identity data and consumer insights show marketers how multifaceted their consumers are in regard to demographics, behaviors and where they consume media. In this session, you’ll hear from a top advertiser and their agency on how they partnered to improve visibility across marketing channels and optimized their investment strategy for growth.

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