The Rise and Rebirth of Traditional Media in an Addressable World

The new landscape of addressable media requires advertisers to rethink their media mix and invest where their consumers are spending most of their time. Measurability is now a possibility in formerly traditional forms of media, such as radio and out of home. This has spurred a rebirth of streaming audio and digital out of home that has caught the attention of both advertisers and consumers. In this panel, we will discuss how measurement and attribution have enabled such a meteoric rise, and why marketers are shifting or unifying their investment strategies from purely digital or mobile to emerging forms of traditional media.


Brett House

Global Vice President of Marketing Solutions, TransUnion

Jeremy Flynn

VP Data Products and Strategy, Clear Channel Outdoor

David Shiffman

EVP Research and Measurement, iHeartMedia

Ridhi Malhotra

EVP Analytics, Zenith